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27 Feb
Protecting Your Assets from Identity Theft, Fraud & Cyber Threats Webinar


Criminals will stop at nothing to get between you and your money, and in today’s digital age they have many ways to do it. Carrie Kerskie, a highly sought-after professional speaker on the topics of cyber security culture, identity theft, and fraud, will join Ciccarelli advisors Lynn Ferraina and Kay Anderson to discuss current threats and what you can do to keep your assets safe through prevention, awareness, and recovery.

Carrie Kerskie is the President of Kerskie Group, providing identity fraud and cyber threat risk management services to affluent individuals and families, the author of two books, Your Public Identity; Because Nothing is Private Anymore and Protect Your Identity, and the host of the Privacy Mentor podcast, available where you listen to podcasts.

Date and Time

Tue, Feb 27, 2024

4:00p - 5:00p EST


Zoom Webinar


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