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Financial Insights

What Keeps You Up at Night?

  Do I have enough money to retire comfortably?

  If I become disabled, who will manage my finances?

  Will my children be prepared to inherit my legacy?

  Will I be able to afford healthcare?


Financial concerns can be daunting. Through her presentations, Jill Ciccarelli Rapps, CFP® offers insight and perspective, helping individuals and families turn obstacles into opportunities.

Jill's Presentations are...

  COMPREHENSIVE and informative, yet easy to understand

  FOCUSED on giving the audience tools they can immediately use to improve their financial health

  INTERACTIVE and entertaining, featuring a Q&A session with the audience

  COMPLIMENTARY for the local community (based on availability)


Jill's Passions


  FAMILY - Helping families pass their wisdom and legacy on to their children and future generations

Sample Topics: Preparing Your Children to Inherit Your Wisdom & Legacy; Simplifying & Organizing Your Financial Life; Caring for Your Aging Parents; Protecting Your Family's Assets


  WELLNESS - Guiding individuals in their pursuit of an overall improved well-being: financially and across all dimensions of wellness

Sample Topics: Connecting Your Finances with Your Purpose; Preparing Your Healthcare Strategy 


  WOMEN - Providing women with opportunities and tools to help them feel confident about their finances

Sample Topics: Take Care & Take Charge: 360º of Financial Wellness; Women in Transition: Finding Stability & Security Amidst Change


To request a presentation for your group or club, contact Logan at [email protected] or 239-262-6577.