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Our Story

Their father Frank Ciccarelli, a pioneer in financial planning, instilled his core values, guiding principles, and passion for finance into each of his children. In 1983, Ray Ciccarelli and Kim Ciccarelli Kantor – a brother and sister – founded Ciccarelli Advisory Services. Today, the small entrepreneurial business has branched into a highly successful network of financial planners.

While the business has grown tremendously over the past 40 years, it continues to be a family-owned, family-focused registered investment advisory firm. Frank’s legacy continues to shape its philosophy on wealth management. Our passion for comprehensive financial services through family generations has continued to drive and sustain the mission at CAS.

Our CAS advisors have more than 200 years of combined wealth management experience. The family’s financial expertise positively impacts our clients' lives - spanning four generations of client families across the United States. Ciccarelli Advisory Services unites members of the Ciccarelli family team around a common goal: guiding you and your family towards your financial goals, and empowering you to focus on life’s real priorities.